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Author, Speaker, Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, and Owner of Butterflies Prospering Wellness Co.

Crystal is an educator, counselor, and mentor inspiring youth and people of all ages. She is a graduate of Texas A & M University-Central Texas with a master's degree in counseling psychology. Crystal has experience in the education field for over ten years working with at-risk youth, women, young adults, couples, military service members, and families. Crystal is currently a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, Owner, and Clinical Director at Butterflies Prospering Wellness Co., specializing in relationships, women issues, and PTSD/trauma. She is the author of The Butterfly Affect: Living the Single Life Through God’s Eyes, 21 Days of Positive Living, and coming soon, The Butterfly Affect: Establishing Healthy Relationships in the series. Crystal received her Ph.D. in Counseling Education and Supervision at the University of Texas at San Antonio.


Her drive and passion for positive relationships have brought opportunities for Crystal to be featured on TV One, For My Man as a psychotherapist, and internationally on the Chrissy B Show for a TV interview of book, 21 Days of Positive Living.


As an advocate for diversity, equity, inclusion, and racial equality, she contributes her time promoting fairness amongst women, minority groups, and adolescents in the community. Committed to the overall health and wellness, mind, body, and spirit, she helps individuals develop positive mindsets, build encouragement, confidence, and self-awareness.


Crystal’s relational, holistic approach to coaching has inspired and uplifted many to be their best possible self. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Crystal is available for coaching, mentoring, consulting, workshops, keynotes, panels, and online webinars. For all inquiries, please contact her here:


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