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What are your Wellness Practices or Goals for 2021?

It's the beginning of the year and goal setting time, right? As if crossing over into 2021 will change overnight. Let's talk about what we want our wellness to look like in 2021. For me, wellness consists of a balanced life starting with self-care. Holistic wellness can involve activities that promote positive change in areas of emotional, physical, psychological, financial, and social. These are all key components of self-care. Every few months I like to assess where my self-care goals are and adjust. My current practices/goals consist of my morning routine of 5-5-5, some cardio mixed with strength training, healthy meals with a few treats, random breaks, and sleep still work in progress.

Morning Routine

*5 minutes of prayer

*5 minutes of mindfulness meditation

*5 minutes of journaling


*30 minute workout-cardio/strength training


* 2-3 meals for day with snacks, some intermittent fasting

* vitamins/supplements


* 5-7 hours most nights (Improve)

Random Breaks

*Soak in a bath

*Watch tv

*Stare outside the window

*Social media scroll....

My wellness goals are in motion and I am constantly adjusting. Being a full-time business owner, mom, and doctoral student requires time management skills. I've learned to not be married to the outcome of all my goals, adjust when I need to, and show myself compassion when I fail. What are your wellness goals or practices for 2021?

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